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MissXtreme Weird Extreme Hardcore Penetration Fetish

MissXtreme likes all kind of extreme hardcore;like.Extreme Pussy Fisting
Anything that will stretch her asshole, pussy or pee hole is welcome

anal fistingAss Fisting and Pussy Fisting

Anal Fisting Listen to her... puffing... hissing... see her stretching... Asking for more... Ass Fisting till bleeding!!! Full close up...lots of pink... And a cracked asshole Ass and Pussy deep fisting..

clitoris pumpingClitoris Pulling

With 3 Rings under the hood; The Snake Eyes, The Scorpion and the Devil Ring, And bonded legs, she can't escape! .That chain pulling on the Devil ring sure hurts a bit. The Mooloochin, a big wooden dildo, is inserted. Will the clitoris pulling help to get it all in? First time she sees a camera But she doesn't get shy.

water balloon gamesWater Ballon Pussy Expansion Torture

First, the electric dildo, full speed, Then 2 dildos in her pussy, Four fingers insertions follows. Her first time Water Balloon torture; Pussy expansion with 500cc Water Balloon, Many times, till she likes it...The Pain of Pleasure, The Pleasure of Pain...Water Balloon Pussy Stretching

catheter peehole insertionsSpeculum & Catheter

A speculum plug on the electro-torture machine. A pissing catheter is then inserted and manipulated into her pissing hole. Then some pegs are added to spread the pink even more. Full close ups of her gaping pussy. 3 rings under the hood. Party time!! MissXtreme Pee Hole Insertions and Stretching

pee hole penetrationsPee Hole Insertion

She asked to be fisted, so I obliged!!! 4 fingers, then five, are going to enter her tunnel of love, But for added pleasure, a big piercing rod is first inserted in her pee-hole, urethral insertions! Catheter in Pee Hole Peeing. Deep fisting and pee-hole insersion torture close ups. Extreme urethral stretching

extreme dildoThe Terminator

MissXtreme is impaling herself on some monster home made dildo: The Terminator. Hear her panting of pleasure and pain as the Terminator rips her inside out. The electric dildo is then inserted and she finishes herself off. Full close-ups on the pink.

anal gapingAnal Stretching Penetration

Weird Penetration Insertion Very close close-ups of MissXtreme expending her pussy with the transparent cone.Weird insertion and penetration for sure. Pushing it in hard ...sitting on it ...exposing her hole wide open 3 cm from the camera. Then she decides to give the same to her ass. After stretching her pussy for a while.. She just sits on the cone.... deep she pushes herself ...impaled!!! Then it's time for some Full close up view, gapping, stretching and Bloody Anal Fisting

extreme object insertionsMonster Dildo

Water Ballon Pussy Expension Trying hard to get the third Wooden ball in; twisting, pushing hard. Some water balloon expansions will help! MissXtreme switches to the huge water balloon and make last the stretching as long as she can! She is wide open, screaming, the water balloon fully expended….but the sharp scorpion ring and its dart is dangerously close to it, too close…water explosion ensue! Now fully expended she tries again to fit the Mooloochin and it's 3 wooden balls fully in! Weird Extreme Insertions

pussy stretchingPussy Stretching Speculum Medical Fetish

Pussy & Anal Stretching After eating Viagra, she wants to see if her clitoris, is bigger than usual… Wanking herself with a dildo is not enough , she decide that a speculum would be best to look closely at what is happening…Have a look inside deep inside her pussy. Lot of pink close ups. A finger on her exposed swollen G-Spot, she is starting to come… Look like the blue pill is working. The real fun starts, a Double Water balloon expansion Ass and Pussy, she make it last, pumping in and out! If the balloon eject, she starts again, and again and again, till she get the perfect expansion orgasm.

anal fistingBloody Anal Fisting Penetrations

Bloody Extreme Insertions MissXtreme really likes when her ass and pussy bleeds and hurts. Today she needs pain again!!! So first, she fucks that 250 cc bottle of Coke in her pussy then her ass. MajorTom, seeing that she didn't fully came, helps her to fully reach orgasm with a 4 finger ass fisting. That movie end's up in a bloody mess. MissXtreme is really happy .Bloody Anal Fisting

bottle fucking extreme insertionBottle Extreme Insertions

Bottle Insertion Big end first!!! Yes, MissXtreme is torturing her pussy With her favorite 250 cc Coke bottle. Big end first. She loves extreme insertions. Bleeding insertions !!! MajorTom finishes her off with a fast and furious dildoing. That is one nasty piece of work! Coke Bottle Insertion!!!

cunilungusCunilungus & Fisting

MissXtreme is playing to much computer games. MajorTom had enough!!! This got to stop. He first start to eat her tits, then slide his head under the keyboard to eat her pussy and give her a very long cunnilingus. She really likes it very much. After her first orgasm, MajorTom begins the fingering To the finishes her off with a full, up to the wrist fisting. She screams in pain with this Deep pussy fisting action.

blood playNeedles Play on Tits and Pussy Needles Piercing

Today MissXtreme wants to torture her tits!!! She lights a cigarette. Take a bunch of hypodermic needles Then slowly stuff them right though her nipple!!! Full close up of the Bloody Tits piercing action. She keep the needles in place as long as she can stand it, while showing some of her favorites tools: the speculum and the cone she uses to explore her pussy. Then taking the needles out, she lets the blood dripping and plays with it. Pussy Torture 12 needles on one pussy piercing heavy pussy torture.

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